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Best IVF Center in India

Is Javitri Hospital : Best IVF Center in Lucknow?

Javitri Hospital has been recognized as Best IVF Center in Lucknow,

we have been creating miracles of birth for the past 30 years, and are known to be best IVF center in Lucknow.

  • ISAR & NABH & ISO Certified.
  • 1st Embryo Scope in UP improved IVF success Rate.
  • World class IVF Laboratory.
  • Highly Experienced Team Of Fertility Doctors.
  • Using Automated RI witness technology to avoid any sperm or egg mix up in IVF.
  • Assisted Laser Hatching in fail IVF.
  • Trained  In Cleveland Clinic and  University College of London.
  • PGT in Recurrent Implantation Failure.
  • Complete Transparency In Treatments .

Our Affordable IVF Packages Include:

  • Injections & Stimulation.
  • Embryo / blast  Transfer.
  • Ovum Pickup.
  • Semen Processing.
  • Consultations with the fertility specialist.
  • Ultrasounds (For Follicular Monitoring).
  • Day-Care Ward Rent.
  • Individualized Stimulation And Protocols.
  • OT charges & consumables.

How IVF Centre Help Aspiring Couples?

  • IVF works where other infertility treatments fail.
  • In hereditary Diseases through PGT.
  • Has a higher success rate when compared to another fertility treatments.
  • Improves the chances of conception.

Infertility Treatments for Unrecognized Causes of Infertility

Javitri IVF offer all types of infertility treatment that can successfully address male, female, and unrecognized causes of infertility. The available treatments at all our IVF Hospital include IVF, IUI, Donor Program, and all infertility tests like laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and more.


    Common Causes of Infertility

    Javitri Best IVF Center

    Female Infertility

    Infertility is a common disease for both male and female at least 10% of women suffer from fertility problems. There are many possible Causes of Infertility. However, it can be difficult to pin-point the exact cause for infertility, and some couples may suffer from multiple causes. Some possible causes of female factor infertility can include. 

     Effects of Female Infertility

    • Ovulation disorders.
    • Uterine or cervical abnormalities.
    • Fallopian tube damage or blockage.
    • Cancer and its treatment.
    • Hormonal imbalances.
    • Primary ovarian insufficiency.
    • Pelvic adhesions.
    • Being underweight.

    Male Infertility

    Male infertility usually results from problems with Spermatogenesis. This can be due to Hormonal problems, poor functions of testicles or blockages in the male urogenital tract.

    If your infertility is caused by some aspect of your lifestyle, your doctor can support you to change your behavior. If your infertility is a result from the side effect of medicines as your previous medical history, alternative treatments can be suggested.

     Effects of male Infertility

    • Abnormal sperm production or function.
    • Problems with the delivery of sperm.
    • Overexposure to certain environmental factors.
    • Damage related to cancer and its treatment.
    • Varicocele.
    • Ejaculation issues & infections.
    • Undescended testicles.
    • Hormonal Imbalances.
    Javitri Best IVF Center - male infertility

    Male infertility

    Javitri Best IVF Center - male infertility

    Male infertility usually results from problems with spermatogenesis. This can be due to hormonal problems, poor function of the testicles or blockages in the male urogenital tract.

    If your infertility is caused by some aspect of your lifestyle, your doctor can support you to change your behavior. If medication for a medical condition might be contributing to your infertility, they can also find alternative treatments.

     Effects of male infertility

    • Abnormal sperm production or function
    • Problems with the delivery of sperm
    • Overexposure to certain environmental factors
    • Damage related to cancer and its treatment
    • Varicocele
    • Ejaculation issues & infections
    • Undescended testicles
    • Hormonal imbalances

    Choosing Between IUI and IVF

    Sr.No.GoalBest OptionWhy
    1Spend less MoneyIUI… but
    maybe IVF
    IUls costs less on a cycle to cycle basis and works for
    many within three cycles, but it rarely works after three
    failures and with certain diagnoses.
    2Get Pregnant QuickerIVFStatistically, women who start with IVF get pregnant
    faster than those who begin with IUI then switch to IVF.
    3Reduce Risk of
    IVFIVF with a single embryo transfer almost guarantees a
    singleton pregnancy. If IUI is used with medications (which
    it usually is) there is a significant risk of multiples
    4Reduce Miscarriage
    IVFGenetic testing is the only way to reduce miscarriage risk.
    This can only be done with IVF.
    5Least BurdensomeIUIIUI has the least amount of difficulty and invasiveness
    among the two options.
    6Future Family
    IVFWomen can freeze their unused embryos for later use. This
    enables them to have them ready to go when they wish to
    expand their families and has the added advantage of
    keeping younger eggs viable.
    7Reducing Risks
    IUIIUI has fewer risks overall than IVF.

    Causes of infertility

    Sr.No.Female infertilityMale infertility
    1Ovulation disorders
    Abnormal sperm production or function
    2Uterine or cervical abnormalities
    Problems with the delivery of sperm
    3Fallopian tube damage or blockage
    Overexposure to certain environmental factors
    Cancer and its treatment
    Damage related to cancer and its treatment
    5Primary ovarian insufficiency
    6Pelvic adhesionsEjaculation issues & infections
    Undescended testicles
    8Prior surgeries
    Prior surgeries
    9Hormonal imbalancesHormonal imbalances

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    Best IVF Center In Lucknow

    IVF treatment is becoming very common in the todays time, it’s the best treatment for couples who are facing infertility issues. This Assisted Reproductive Technology provides the gift of parenthood by assisting couples to conceive a baby.

    IVF involves fertilization of the egg, Embryo Development, and Implantation of Embryo in the uterus. There are several ways through which IVF can be done like using the couple’s own eggs and sperm or by donor program. Changes in lifestyle and bad eating habits can result in infertility. We are living in a fast-paced society and high-pressure jobs with other bad habits create stress which leads to infertility.

    World Class IVF Lab

    IVF Centre Successful Delivery


    When it comes to infertility treatments, sometimes it becomes very difficult to rely on an IVF hospital especially when your experience with other centres was not satisfactory. Looking at the following factors can help you get the best IVF Centre in Lucknow:

    • Hospital infrastructure
    • IVF specialists’ experience
    • IVF success rates
    • No. Of  successful delivery
    • Location

    There are many factors and conditions one should look for before choosing the best IVF Center and fertility hospital in Lucknow, because relying only on location proximity or doctor’s qualification just cannot help.

    While these are the common factors, there are other factors as well that affect your treatment success. Look for the services and treatments available at the IVF clinic and check for the availability of advanced equipment and technology required for the treatment. Here, at Javitri IVF Center every factor is maintained with high success rate for IVF patients.

    In this process, the female egg is taken out under anesthesia and fertilized with the husband’s sperm in the lab. The embryo formed after 3-5 days is transferred back in the uterus.

    May involve 2-3 visits:

    1. One day for check-up / Pre-IVF preparation
    2. 15 days for IVF procedure (Second Visit)
    3. Embryo transfer (Required only in some cases)

    No, IVF may sometimes cause mild discomfort or pain:

    1. The injections used for IVF are purified and injected in subcutaneous form
    2. The egg collection process is done under anaesthesia which is totally painless

    The cost of IVF treatment may vary between ₹1.25 Lakhs to ₹2 Lakhs Approx. and depends on following factors.

    1. Reasons for male & female infertility
    2. Treatment method/technology suggested (Including additional treatments and services)
    3. Any other pre-existing medical condition
    4. Pre-implantation genetic testing (If required) .
    The human reproductive process is inherently inefficient. Some eggs are immature. Some mature eggs won’t fertilize normally. A proportion of embryos arrest – presumably due to some inherent abnormality in the embryo. A proportion of embryos that do well in culture are genetically abnormal.

    The success rate of IVF technology relies on different factors such as reproductive history, lifestyle, infertility cause, age, etc. It also depends on the scientific techniques used by the doctors and medical staff you have chosen. We suggest you choose the best IVF center in Lucknow such as javitri IVF. It’s a national fertility service provider and emerging fast when it comes to handling IVF, fertility-related issues, IUI, etc.

    Mr. Atulesh Nepal

    “As A Couple We Was Suffering So Much But When We Start Treatment From Javitri Hospital Get Success In A Single Attempt, the Whole Staff Of Hospital Is Very Cooperative And Polite Thanks To Dr Rajul Tyagi Ji ,Niharika Tyagi Ang Lavanya Tyagi.”

    Mr. Satheesh kerala

    “Javitri is a very good hospital with experienced and polite doctor Dr. Rajul Tyagi Mam is genius as I have success here after 8 I heartiest thankful to Mrs. Rajul Tyagi Mam and their medical staff very very much.”

    Mrs. Neethu Kolkata

    “Javitri IVF experience has been very fruitful for me and my husband I am very satisfied this hospital We now have a beautiful daughter(1 week old). The doctors there are really good. They have been really helpful in our course of treatment.”

    Mr. Manish Kumar Tamil Nadu

    “Dr. Rajul Tyagi Mam is genius as i have success here after 8 I heartiest thankful to Mrs. Rajul Tyagi Mam and their medical staff very very much A Goddess of earth. Thanks to Javitri Hospital Telibagh Lucknow UP.”

    Mr. Amitendra Verma Bengaluru

    “This Javitri hospital One of the best ivf centre in U.P. which provides excellent work in test tube baby as medical facilities. is very very good .I am very happy that I am come here for treatment .mam is very good all staff is very good . Thank you.”

    Mr. Saket Verma Bengaluru

    My wife suffered multiple miscarriages, I went to Javitri Hospital. It was non-IVF and the way (Dr. Rajul Tyagi Madam) handled the patient during pregnancy was excellent.

      Our Dream at Top IVF Center in Lucknow

      Our mission at Javitri hospital : Best IVF centre in Lucknow is to eliminate infertility from the world.. and to do it at affordable pricing so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

      World-class IVF treatment should not be just a luxury of the super-rich. We at Javitri Hospital – best IVF centre are proud to be the pioneers of affordable, world-class IVF treatment in India.

      Our USP is
      1. Transparent pricing.
      2. Use of best injections, disposables and consumables.
      3. Highest success rates in IVF at a pan-India level for many years in a row.
      4. We do amidst the Highest number of IVF cycles every month at a pan-India level for many years.
      5. We have Consistently been receiving Awards for Best IVF Center in Lucknow, IVF Leadership award etc. Year after year.
      7. We offer EMI at 0% interest Rate to our patients.

      So come join the movement.. let’s eliminate infertility from India 1 person at a time.

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