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It’s important to note that male infertility can be caused by a combination of factors and it may be difficult to determine the exact cause. A comprehensive evaluation by a specialist, such as a urologist or a reproductive endocrinologist, is often necessary to identify the underlying cause and to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Causes of Male Infertility

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There can be many causes of male infertility, and it can be caused by a combination of various factors.

Some of the common causes of male fertility issues include:

  • Low sperm count: This is a condition where there are not enough sperm in the semen, which can make it difficult to conceive.


  • Poor sperm motility: This is a condition where the sperm are not able to swim properly, which can also make it difficult to conceive.


  • Abnormal sperm shape: This can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg.


  • Varicocele: This is a condition where the veins in the testicles are enlarged, which can cause the temperature in the testicles to be too high, leading to poor sperm quality.


  • Testicular injury or infection: This can cause damage to the testicles and affect sperm production.


  • Hormonal imbalances: This can include problems with the thyroid, pituitary, or adrenal glands, which can affect sperm production.


  • Medications: Some medications can affect sperm production and quality.


  • Lifestyle factors: Poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, and exposure to certain toxins can also contribute to male infertility.


  • Genetic factors: Some genetic conditions can also cause male infertility.
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